Picture of Eddy Hood, Host of The Read Well Podcast

It’s 1989, and I’ve just turned nine. Fishing is everything to me, and my family has just hit me with a surprise: a birthday trip to a gorgeous lakeside cabin with prime fishing spots. I’m buzzing with excitement.

Mom warns me the trip’s a four-hour drive and suggests I grab some entertainment to keep me busy and out of everyone’s hair. So, I head to the library and stumble upon “Treasure Island” by Robert Louis Stevenson. That book becomes my road trip buddy, and four days later, there I am in the back of our small Dodge pickup, nose-deep in adventure.

I’m captivated. Forget fishing; I’m sailing the seas with Jim Hawkins, hunting for pirate treasure. I’m so engrossed that when we finally reach the cabin, I sneak under a bed to read in peace. My family finds me, but I don’t budge. They can have the fish; I’ve got a treasure of my own.


The Read Well Podcast was born from that nine-year-old bookworm’s spirit. Since then, books have been my faithful companions. They’ve guided me in starting businesses, raising kids, perfecting recipes, pondering life’s mysteries, and more. Through my podcast, I aim to show that diving into a good book, reading slowly, taking notes, and applying what you learn can be life-changing.


My mission? To teach people to read slowly, take notes, and apply the ideas.

Welcome to The Read Well Podcast. Grab a coffee, open your notebooks, and let’s get reading.