You don’t need much other than the book to have a great reading session. However, I’ll do anything I can to make the experience more enjoyable and productive. That’s why I’m putting this resource of reading tools for anyone else that feels the same way.

The 30-Day Foucsed Reader Challenge

I have a challenge for you. The goal is to read every day (with focus) for 60 minutes for an entire month. Can you do it? For the brave souls who want to tackle this project, I’ve just launched ​The 30-Day Focused Reader Challenge​. You’ll get access to a daily video lesson and thought prompt. You’ll also get tools for managing mental wandering, ideas on how to participate in your own reading sessions, and more.

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reading kit

I built a reading kit that could house all my highlighters, note cards, a dictionary, and more. You may have seen it in my videos.

If you want links to build your own kit, here you go: