20 Reasons to Read a Book

Warning. Some of these reasons are more fulfilling than others. That being said, each one of the motivations on this list have influenced my reading. Leave me a comment in this format: (4 – 5 – 19) telling me the top three reasons you want to read more books – and be honest!

  1. To learn about a specific topic like philosophy or psychology
  2. To gain more empathy about a new world view
  3. Because you’re tired of digital scrolling and need a change
  4. You want to improve your focus
  5. To increase your IQ
  6. Because you don’t want to die one day knowing you never read “the classics”
  7. To get a promotion at work
  8. So that you can escape the monotony of life
  9. Because it was assigned to you as a student
  10. To know that you’re capable of reading a “hard book”
  11. To feel a particular emotion (i.e. romance books or drama)
  12. So that you can build friendships (book clubs, literary circles, etc.)
  13. To stave off mental atrophy
  14. To get informed about a current affair
  15. Because you want to change something about your life
  16. To complete a bucket list for readers like (100 books to read before you die)
  17. So that you can become more articulate
  18. To build or make something interesting (i.e. a darkroom for film photography or a wood shop)
  19. Because you want to relax
  20. Because it makes you happy

There are hundreds of reasons to read a book, and they shift from day to day. I’m (1 – 2 – 20) at the moment. What are you? Leave a comment below with your (#-#-#).

Until tomorrow, read slowly – take notes – apply the ideas.


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