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5 Words I Thought I Understood, But Didn’t.

There are five words that keep invading the books and conversations of my life. I hear them on YouTube as well, and I realized that I don’t actually know what they mean. I researched them this morning and thought you might find them helpful.

  • Irascible – Having a tendency to become easily angered. –> He’s an irascible coach.
  • Pejorative – A word expressing contempt or disapproval. –> Most of what the coach said was filled with pejoratives.
  • Superfluous – It’s unnecessary because we have enough. –> Social media platforms have become superfluous.
  • Ubiquitous – When something is found everywhere. –> Cowboy hats are ubiquitous at a Garth Brooks concert.
  • Untenable – A viewpoint that isn’t strong enough to withstand an attack or an objection. –> The child’s argument that school is useless is untenable.

I don’t know about you, but learning a few words seems to be a good use of my time. The English language is beautiful and complex. I think it deserves more of our attention.

Until tomorrow, read slowly – take notes – apply the ideas.


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