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How to Get Smarter

I work as an accountant, and the number one tip I can give you for saving money is to log into your bank account every day and review the transactions. You don’t need to reconcile the books or run complicated reports – just look at the transactions. The process of seeing your money daily makes you aware of it, and once you’re aware, you make better financial decisions. This same idea can be applied to getting smarter as a reader.

If you want to improve your intelligence, you need to log into your “knowledge system” once a day. You don’t have to spend hours with it, and you don’t have to read Aristotle or learn Euclidean Geometry. You simply need to open a book and be with your thoughts. This process will teach you to look for new ideas, ask questions, and think critically. Of all the habits in the world, this is the one that will make you truly rich.

Until tomorrow, read slowly, take notes, and apply the ideas.


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