A picture of a man reading a book in a loud, distracted setting with birds, lids, and noise.

Learn to Read in Loud Places

While it’s euphoric to read in silence, you must learn to read your books in noisy places. Otherwise, you’ll never get any reading done. The world is full of people shouting, cars honking, circular saws buzzing, feet stomping, woodpeckers pecking, and houseflies hovering. This damned planet is set to distract me.

I thought I would share my routine for “getting into the zone” in a loud or busy space. keep in mind that I have four kids, and my nine-year-old loves to hear the sound of his voice. He makes noise for a living.

I should also point out that my home is the “party” home. All of my kid’s friends are here – all the time. At this point, I’m pretty sure I’ve adopted a few. Finding a quiet space in my home is like trying to silence the crowd at Fenway Park when Ted Williams or David Oritz knocked one into the parking lot. It’s not gonna happen, sorry folks.

So, I learn to work with the explosions, riots, and stampedes. What I’ve found works best for me is to sit behind closed doors, plug in my Apple AirPods, and set them to noise-canceling mode. Then I use a strange little app called “BrainWave” which specializes in something called binaural beats. The idea, (see research here), is that these sounds tap into your brainwaves and help you focus. No product affiliation, it just seems to work for me.

If you live in a loud house, give it a shot.

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