New Year’s Reading Goals

25 days ago, countless people pledged to read more. The bell struck midnight on January 1st and the New Year’s reading goals were carved in stone. By now, many have quit because they’re too busy. How are you doing with your commitment?

Reading takes time. It’s true. And you probably are too busy to carve an hour out of your day to read a book. The excuse could be that reading won’t answer all those emails, feed the kids, or pay the bills. You might say that reading is a privilege for people too wealthy to worry or too young to provide.

You might also say that you’re too tired and that you’re suffering from attention poverty. It’s been a long week, right? I understand. I do. I know you work hard to make ends meet, and I know you’re tired.

I only have one question for you: If you don’t stick to your reading goal, what will you miss out on for the rest of your life?

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