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Read Like An Audiobook Narrator

I just recorded an hour-long episode of The Read Well Podcast with my first-ever guest. Liza Jacob is an audiobook narrator who, through several years of acting classes, diction training, and practice has learned a valuable lesson – that narrating a book makes it more meaningful.

The episode will come out soon, but for now, I wanted to share one of Liza’s tips. She used the word “space” in today’s interview. As a reader, we need to give space to each character, setting, and most importantly, the underlying meaning of a passage.

To give something space is to give it breathing room – a chance to air out. It’s the art of considering the character’s feelings, the author’s message, and the specific meaning of words. It’s about giving weight to each topic and thinking about it for as long as it takes.

I’m excited for you to hear the interview. Liza was amazing. But for now, practice reading with space. Instead of trying to read 100 pages a day, consider reading with intent for a fixed time. I like to read for 60 minutes a day, and some days, I only get through one page. Those days are often the best and most memorable.

I may not check off every great book before I die, but I’ll enjoy the ones I do read.

Stay tuned for the interview. I’ll be posting the audio podcast on March 4th and the video interview on March 14th.

Until tomorrow, read slowly – take notes – apply the idea.


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