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Stop Eating Broccoli Books

Mom never made me eat broccoli – she wanted me to be happy. And so I was. She fed me well, always nutritious food, but if I didn’t like it, why have a fight about it? That’s my mother, wise and kind in the same package. She’s irreplaceable and she taught me a lesson.

I learned to follow my gut. This hard-won lesson helped me launch a successful business, build a community of intelligent readers, and leave a high-demand religion so that I could think for myself. It has led me to investigate fascinating books and hopscotch past the boring ones. Need an example? I don’t like Moby Dick. I’m supposed to because it’s a “classic,” but my gut tastes broccoli in those pages. Sorry, Melville. It’s just not for me.

Every time you walk into a bookstore, a library, or your reading room, it’s an opportunity to expand. What should you read? How do you know which book is right for you? That’s a personal question that only you can answer for yourself. What I do know is this:

Reading should never be a punishment. Follow your gut.


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