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The Sunday Apologia

Apologia is a Greek word that means, “Speaking in Defense.” You hear the term Apologetics used as a label for people who defend a set of beliefs. The word has a foundation in Plato’s Apology where Socrates had to defend himself in a trial for corrupting the youth of Athens. He was asked to justify his life and his philosophy. Socrates had to make an Apologia before he was judged.

Sunday is a great day for making an Apologia of your own life. It’s a chance to sit down, consider your work, think over your actions, and make an argument for how you have lived. It’s more than a quick statement like, “I had a good week.” Rather, you’re preparing a defense that must hold up in court. It’s a process of self-examination, cross-examination, and a review of the evidence. In the end, you must judge if you have lived well or if you have fretted away your time.

I don’t have a formal process in place for creating an Apologia, but I’m working on it. Modern-day productivity gurus would call this a “Weekly Review,” but I think it’s more than that. It’s not enough to look at your calendar and schedule your meetings for the coming week. There’s more here than the analysis of your checklists. It’s not about getting more done, it’s about living well.

This requires thinking back through each day of the week, reviewing your notes and journals, considering each person in your life, and asking if you’ve been virtuous. It’s a process that takes time and genuine thought.

Try this – start by going for a walk today without your phone and Airpods. Take nothing but your thoughts and ask yourself, “Have I lived well this week?” Review each day, the mistakes, your wins, and your losses.

Then come home and write down your Sunday Apologia for the courts to decide.

Until tomorrow, read slowly, take notes, and apply the ideas.


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