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Why Books Matter

When I read a magazine, I compare myself to the people in the articles and the ads. They’re wearing nice clothes, live successful lives, and generally make me feel like I have a ways to go – like I’ll never be happy until I have what they have.

When I read the news, I get worried. Political articles, national tension, and dysfunction settle into me. You know what they say in the news business, “If it bleeds, it reads.”

When I scan social media, I feel unaccomplished. I can scroll for hours and have nothing to show for it.

When I read a book, I feel content. It’s a subtle message to the world that I’m turning all the voices off, brewing a cup of tea, and curling up for the afternoon. There are no ads to compare myself too, no naysayers telling me the stock market will crash, and I can’t doom scroll. I don’t need to hustle, make more money, or wish things were better.

A good book makes me happy.

Until tomorrow, read slowly – take notes – apply the ideas.


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