Day 1 – Forget the Pomodoro

Lesson: Hello and welcome to ‘The Focused Reader,’ the 30-day challenge to improving your attention while in a book. I’m here to guide you towards a goal: reading for 60 minutes straight each day. Let’s start by setting aside the Pomodoro Technique. This method involves reading for 20 minutes, and then taking a 5-minute break.Continue reading Day 1 – Forget the Pomodoro

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5 thoughts on “Day 1 – Forget the Pomodoro

  1. My mind often wanders, and I also have a bad habit of binge-watching TV shows. I want to spend more time reading than watching TV.

  2. I already read for more than an hour a day but I take frequent breaks. I read a few pages and take a break and then go back. I try to reflect and recall what I read during the break but I lack the stamina to read without interruption. For this challenge I will read The third Chimpanzee by Jarod Diamond and some short stories and poems from the 1914 edition of the collier Junior Classics.

  3. My distractions mostly come for “thinks that I need to do.”

    My three books: Stone by Fire, JP Penn for the adventure; The Rewire Retirement Method, Cyn Meyer for my the next chapter in my life; and A Quiet Will – The Life of Clara Barton by William E. Barton because I like historical biographies.

  4. My mind tends to wander, especially after I’ve read a book for, say, 20 minutes and beyond. I’m also prone to check the internet and my phone, although I have apps on my computer that restrict my web searching for specific amounts of time. And, last but not least, my mind sometimes drifts to “other things I should be doing instead.”

    My three books are “On the Nature of Things” by Lucretius, “The World’s Religions” by Huston Smith, and “Collected Poems” by T.S. Eliot.

  5. Noise and distracting thoughts
    The Covenant of Water, Rilke’s Book of Hours and The Everything War

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