5 Lessons I Learned Reading The Intellectual Life | EP 20

The Intellectual Life by A. G. Sertillanges is for anyone interested in becoming a better reader, writer, and thinker. In this video, I talk about five of the most important lessons from the book and why I think it’s a read worth adding to your list.  

The Intellectual Life is a philosophical work that explores what it means to be an intellectual. It was written in the 1920s, but most of its wisdom is still relevant today.  

Note – This book was written by a Catholic friar and does have a religious element to it. Along with that, some of the context is misogynistic due to the way the church saw a woman’s role in serving her husband. While I do not support these views, I do encourage the reader to see the underlying philosophical value in the rest of the text which is immense. 

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