I Read 10,000,000 Books This Year (And Learned This!) | EP 29

Booktube has gotten itself into a bit of a jam. In order to stay relevant (and clickable), booktube creators feel like they have to make videos showcasing that they read large quantities of books. While I love this idea, and I love that booktube is promoting the art of reading, I am worried about how this makes you view your own reading habits.

Have you ever gone to social media to see an image of that super fit person which only makes you look at your own body in disgust? I have. Booktube can have a similar effect. When you compare yourself to these people who are reading hundreds of books (supposedly), it can make you feel like garbage because you only read one book last month.

Well, guess what?! I only read one book last month as well. And it’s just fine! In this video, I open up a reading wound and address some real concerns. Let’s chat about speed reading vs reading for empathy or learning.

Let the battle of comments begin…


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