Keep Your Second Brain Clutter-Free | Episode 7

A second brain refers to a method used to organize your reading and research materials. While this concept seems excellent in theory, it often devolves into a messy collection of highlighted excerpts, book notes, and annotations. I've noticed that within a period of three to six months, many people find their note-taking system has become so cluttered that it's practically useless. In this week's show, I'll guide you on how to clean up your second brain, streamline your research, and enhance your note-taking skills.

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Want to build the same reading kit I use? Here are the links: The bag: ⁠⁠Sooez High Capacity Pencil Case⁠⁠ The highlighters: ⁠⁠Sharpies⁠⁠ 3 x 5 Cards: ⁠⁠Oxford Cards⁠⁠ Pens: ⁠⁠Zebra Med⁠⁠ Dictionary: ⁠⁠Webster Pocket Dictionary⁠⁠ Clips: ⁠⁠Binder Clips⁠⁠ Post-It: ⁠⁠Colored Flags⁠⁠About Me:My name is Eddy Hood. I live in Utah with my wife and kids. I always have a book with me, and if you see me on the street, I'd love to hear about what you're reading. To stay in the loop, visit my website at There, you'll find the latest show information on my weekly podcast, access to previous episodes, and a chance to join my newsletter. I'm also building something special just for you at It's a tool to help you make better book notes. We will discover creative ways to capture our thoughts, insights, and reflections as we dive into the pages of our favorite reads together.So grab a drink, open a book, and join me each week to become a better reader. Let's build a community that celebrates the magic of books and supports each other in our reading goals. Together, we'll uncover the secrets to becoming lifelong learners who find solace, knowledge, and fascination within the pages of every book we encounter.Connect with me:

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