Why Are You Trying So Hard to Impress Everyone? (Let’s Ask Plato) | EP 33

In this week's episode of The Read Well Podcast, titled “Why Are You Trying So Hard to Impress Everyone? (Let’s Ask Plato)”, I'm excited to take you on a philosophical journey back to ancient Greece, exploring Plato's “The Republic.” Our main focus is on the compelling concept of moral motivation, as vividly illustrated through the story of the Ring of Gyges. This tale not only delves into the essence of morality and justice but also echoes our contemporary struggles between authenticity and the desire to impress.

But that's not all for this episode! I have some exciting community updates to share. I've recently revamped [thereadwellpodcast.com](http://thereadwellpodcast.com/), transforming it into a vibrant community hub for book lovers. Here, you can connect with fellow reading enthusiasts, join in my live book club sessions, and enjoy exclusive benefits tailored for our community members.

Whether you're deeply into philosophy, curious about human behavior, or simply seeking a meaningful connection with like-minded readers, this episode is crafted for you. Tune in for a thought-provoking exploration of moral motivation with a side of engaging community news. Your journey towards deeper understanding and connection starts here, on The Read Well Podcast.



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