The #1 Best Way to Become a Better Reader (In My Opinion)

Join a book club if you want to become a better reader. It doesn’t have to be mine, but it should focus on books you find interesting, and it should support open and equal conversation. It must be easy to access, meetings should be recorded for later viewing, and the group should have good ratings.

“Nothing sustains motivation better than belonging to the tribe. It transforms a personal quest into a shared one. Previously, you were on your own. Your identity was singular. You are a reader. You are a musician. You are an athlete. When you join a book club or a band or a cycling group, your identity becomes linked to those around you. Growth and change is no longer an individual pursuit. We are readers. We are musicians. We are cyclists. The shared identity begins to reinforce your personal identity. This is why remaining part of a group after achieving a goal is crucial to maintaining your habits. It’s friendship and community that embed a new identity and help behaviors last over the long run” (Clear 118).

Here are a few book clubs that I recommend:

Enchanted Book Club: Run by Haley Solano, this group focuses on literary heroines and the authors who wrote them. Selections include Little Women, Charing Cross Road, and China Court. Cost is $15 a month at She works hard to provide additional events like author interview, etc.

Hardcore Literature: Led by Benjamin McEvoy, this club focuses on a wide range of classical works from Steinbeck to Danté Alighieri. Benjamin has a deep understanding and love for books and will inspire you to dig into some difficult works. He doesn’t shy away from a challenge, and that’s why I support him! Cost is $25 a month at

The Read Well Book Club: As mentioned, I also host a book club. In the Read Well Book Club, we focus on both fiction and non-fiction works with a philosophical framework because we enjoy discussing the bigger themes. We’ve read books like Great Expectations by Charles Dickens, A.G. Setillanges’s The Intellectual Life, and Seneca’s Letters from a Stoic. The cost is $9 a month and we meet online in my private reading community. You can learn more at

Whatever club you choose, you’ll benefit from belonging to the tribe. By tackling interesting books with a group of friends, you gain 10X in understanding and enjoyment. I hope this helps in your pursuit as a reader.

Until tomorrow, read slowly – take notes – apply the ideas.


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