A man in a boat

The Sea of Philosophy

The sea of Philosophy is wide and worn deep –

it spans in all directions unending and complete.

It’s an ocean first tranquil then unhinged –

and I am but a traveler, sailing its brim.

I peek over the edge of this boat of mine –

to find on the surface a reflection supine.

I’m alone on the water, the sun losing its height –

when just below the surface swim schools of delight.

And terror.

Who knows what’s beneath, eager to devour –

Or perhaps there’s refuge in this, my needful hour.

The waves are coming, rolling in wash –

pushing and pulling and driving my loss.

Then one thought rises with critical amend –

when I scan the horizon, what lies at the bend?

It’s cold now, huddled, waiting on this raft –

filled with questions I know I must ask.

IF I dive into the deep,

IF I thrash for my life,

a new day will come from the perilous night.

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